Revation LinkLive has numerous features and capabilities to help you better connect to your customers, clients, patients and business partners. Its unique combination of secure and compliant unified communications and integrated advanced queuing and skills-based routing provide unmatched capability while freeing up precious capital. Our feature set includes:

HD Voice

High-definition voice allows you to add audio to a chat session.

HD Video

Share high-definition video in a chat session.

Web Chat

Chat with other agents.


Send secure SMS messages.


Securely send fax messages right from your chat session.

Secure Email

Send sensitive information worry-free.

Screen Sharing

Share your desktop in a chat session.

Secure File Transfer

Send files safely over chat.

Drag & Drop Interface

Easily drag and drop files into chat sessions.

These features provide the following capabilities:

Secure Messaging

LinkLive’s secure encrypted email and web chat solutions enable your business to safeguard messages between employees, existing customers and prospects. Today’s web savvy users want to email support centers and employees with questions, concerns and to establish new business. LinkLive encrypted email enables your customer service staff and employees to use existing email systems for secure encrypted communications while maintaining compliance with PCI, HIPAA, and other regulations.

Virtual Contact Center

Revation LinkLive combines true unified communications with cloud-based deployment models to enable your business to better communicate and save money by eliminating capital expenditures and lowering operating expenses. LinkLive integrates email, web chat, contact forms, secure desktop sharing, click-to-call, and VoIP in one easy-to-use, affordable virtual call center solution.

Video + Collaboration

Revation LinkLive enables rich and encrypted online conferencing and collaboration without the need for expensive, dedicated hardware or the scheduling overhead traditionally associated with these types of solutions. LinkLive integrates secure multi-point HD video, VoIP audio, web chat, screen sharing, and FTP.  This allows for on-the-fly, real-time communications to take place safely and securely within an organization and with its customers, patients, clients, business partners, and prospects.