The healthcare industry is experiencing significant transformation from care delivery models to compensation/reimbursement changes. Revation LinkLive is critical to healthcare organizations who are trying to increase quality of care while also reducing the cost of care. LinkLive’s unique combination of secure and HIPAA-compliant communications with virtual call center and multi-point video capabilities supports a wide variety of case uses.


With the growth of technology, customer expectations are rising. Many people expect to be able to connect with their bank or credit union through online banking solutions. Revation LinkLive Banking provides exceptional capabilities allowing bankers to securely connect with their clients and prospects directly from the banking website. LinkLive Banking delivers exceptional value to a bank or credit union through its secure email, web chat, and co-browsing capabilities.


The ability to connect with your customers is imperative for any successful business. LinkLive’s unique set of capabilities allows your organization to improve its connections, all at a low cost. LinkLive’s true unified communications bring together VoIP, multi-party video conferencing, chat, file transfer, and screen sharing. These capabilities provide your agents with a single tool to connect with the customer via their preferred medium of communication. The secure cloud delivery model at the heart of LinkLive yields a significant reduction in operating costs that are typically associated with a traditional call center infrastructure. LinkLive is also incredibly easy and intuitive for your agents to use. It is easily integrated with existing email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, as well as corporate directories. Such integration allows for a quick and easy transition. Additionally, LinkLive is integrated with market-leading online banking, phone and CRM systems. LinkLive works with any website or online portal to provide online presence and live chat options, making it easy to connect with customers.

Case Study:
A Midwestern Regional Healthcare System

A Midwest regional healthcare system partnered with Revation Systems to enhance customer service, improve physician communications, and reduce patient readmissions through the use of Revation’s HIPAA-compliant communications platform.