Healthcare is undergoing significant change across everything from care delivery models through to compensation and reimbursement changes. Revation LinkLive is a critical enabler to healthcare organizations of all types who are trying to increase quality of care, reduce cost of care, increase the reach and efficiency of care – all while helping to drive cost out of the system. LinkLive’s unique combination of secure, HIPAA-compliant communications with virtual call center and secure multi-point video capabilities support a wide variety of use cases and beneficial outcomes. Some of the key scenarios where LinkLive is doing this today include:


Advanced Medical Contact Centers - LinkLive’s secure and compliant unified communications solution is ideal for increasing your call center’s capabilities while lowering your costs to deploy and operate. Our cloud-based platform has been implemented by major health systems in a matter of months, with demonstrable gains in agent productivity and patient reach. LinkLive Healthcare has helped enhance nurse triage lines, improve and centralize patient scheduling, streamline physician referral processes, and increase care coordination via the telephone and through secure HIPAA-compliant web chat.

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Virtual Medication Therapy Management – LinkLive Healthcare’s secure audio and video capabilities combined with its advanced queuing and routing logic allow for rich and efficient medication therapy management and comprehensive medication reviews to be conducted remotely. Your PharmD’s can interact easily with their patients over high-definition video through a web browser without having to download and install additional software.

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Virtual Visits – LinkLive’s dynamic, secure video and collaboration allows for HIPAA-compliant Telehealth and virtual care visits over the Internet using a patient’s standard PC and web browser. Unlike other overly-rigid or hardware-intensive solutions, LinkLive is a tool that providers can easily use to enable Telehealth with their patients. The queuing and call routing capabilities of LinkLive Healthcare allow for virtual video-based protocols and workflows that closely mirror existing workflow in the clinic or hospital – speeding adoption and lowering the learning curve. The use of PC-industry standard equipment and webcams, connected through LinkLive’s secure, compliant cloud platform, brings medical-grade solutions at near-commodity prices and allows for increased reach to patients in their homes.

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Web Chat – Connecting patients and their healthcare providers is more important than ever. As patient expectations for better access to their providers and personal health information continue to rise, it is crucial for healthcare organizations to adapt their communication strategies to meet these changing needs. However, strict patient privacy and compliance regulations can make it seem daunting to leverage new tools to improve communication and access. LinkLive gives you an easy and compliant web chat platform. 

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Dynamic Specialist Consults – LinkLive for Healthcare enables dynamic specialist consults, both within and between facilities. One example where this is being used today is to dynamically engage language and interpretation services in a Midwest healthcare system’s Emergency Departments through the use of LinkLive’s secure unified communications services. Interpreters are virtually brought into ED’s using standard web cameras and USB speakerphones connected to the hospital PCs already present in the ED. This allows for faster engagement of the interpretation services, largely eliminates the physical travel that the interpreters had been doing across the various ED locations, and provides significant financial savings – all while increasing the consistency of delivery and speed to service.


On-the-Fly Care Coordination – the ability to quickly and securely bring together all involved providers to discuss a patient’s situation and coordinate care is an urgent need within provider groups and health systems today. This need will only increase as more health systems form Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and reimbursement comes more from value and less from fee-for-service. LinkLive Healthcare uniquely allows for easy, secure, audited, logged, and recorded virtual care coordination sessions, with participants using whatever communication medium is most conducive at that moment – traditional landline phones, VOIP phones, mobile devices, computers for audio and video – to allow for simple and easy, dynamically generated virtual care coordination sessions. For those who are unable to attend the session, a hyperlink can be easily entered into the patient’s electronic medical record for later access and playback by those who have appropriate access and permissions.


Solutions for Accountable Care Organizations – the low-cost and high-scale reach of Revation LinkLive Healthcare are uniquely suited to the needs of Accountable Care Organizations. Our ACO Solutions Brief outlines many of the ways LinkLive Healthcare can be used to extend care interactions outside of traditional clinical settings and how it can be used to better connect and engage patients with chronic conditions.

These are just some of the many scenarios where LinkLive for Healthcare is helping improve the reach, quality, consistency, and cost of care. Revation has begun working with leading solution providers and platforms in the healthcare space to provide secure, compliant real-time communications integrated in the solutions you already use.

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